About April:

April is born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She grows up in the city's mountains surrounded by her favorite trees, whispering aspens. She's always busy making things.

April’s grandfather, Kenneth Higashimachi, a painter, takes her on walks to draw when he comes to visit from Hawaii. This inspires her to use her full family name on her jewelry chop. 

At age eight she decides she’ll be attending college out–of-state.

She receives a sewing machine for Christmas and starts sewing her own clothes, most of the time forgetting to take the pattern out of the package. 

April is voted “most likely not to live in Utah” by her high school senior class. In complete agreement, she flees to San Francisco to study art and experience city life. She is immediately at home with her multi-cultural Japanese, French and German background.

She receives her BFA with an emphasis in textiles, from the University of San Francisco, in conjunction with The Academy of Art. After graduation, travels to see more of the world.

April works in the rag trade at Esprit de Corp. After a very educational year there she ultimately decides the large company garment industry isn’t for her. During a company ‘cleaning’ she chooses to be laid-off and co-creates a jewelry company named Fortuna Metalsmiths.

She funds her jewelry and entrepreneurial education through Fortuna Metalsmiths which has accounts with over 300 companies around the world.

April independently continues her exploration in contemporary art and jewelry, design, along with her passion for clothing and textiles and forms her own company, Metaru Studio.

She exhibits her jewelry both nationally and internationally, showing at The Victorian & Albert Museum, London, Oakland Art Museum, Velvet da Vinci, SF and Aaron Faber, NYC.

During this time, her career experiences diversify to include: running her own jewelry company, working with the Susan Cummins Gallery, enamel apprencticing with June Schwartz, purchasing for the Paris-based Lilith clothing; art directing for the Jerry Garcia Estate; teaching at California College of the Arts and curating numerous exhibitions.

April starts Shibumi Studio, which incorporates her design projects along side her jewelry work. 

After 18 years in San Francisco, she acquires a work space in the multi-cultural Berkeley, CA with sculptor Eric Powell. The unique space accommodates their many projects and latest creations. Taking up residence in the studio space are Yuko & Jaguar, the world's most fab wedge-head Siamese cats.

April opens Shibumi Gallery to exhibit her jewelry as well as a group of carefully curated local, national and international artists.

April gives birth to her son, Ando.  She continues to stay immersed in her work while raising her son and regularly traveling to her family house in Hawaii.

After a restructuring, April takes over building, expands her creative team and opens the show Opulence and Optimism as a mantra of things to come.

Selected Exhibitions

Michi, April Higashi and Seiko Tachibana, Shibumi Gallery, Berkeley

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Philadelphia, PA
The De Patta Project, Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco
Sea & Sky, April Higashi and Aondrea Maynard, Shibumi Gallery, Berkeley
April Higashi Jewelry and Eric Powell Sculpture Show, Gallery Lulo, Healdsburg, CA
Hard Brilliance, Diverse Approaches to Contemporary Enameling, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle WA
200 Rings, De Novo Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
American Enamels, Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA
American Craft Council, Fort Mason Piers, San Francisco, CA
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Philadelphia, PA

SOFA Chicago, Patina Gallery, Chicago, IL
Artwear in the Galleries, Steven Weirz Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Memories of New York, Aaron Faber Gallery, NYC, NY
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Philadelphia, PA
The Art of Enameling
, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA
April Higashi, enamel jewelry, , The Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
In Print / In Person, Thomas Riley Gallery, Cleveland, OH
100 Broaches, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, CA
Collect, Victorian Albert Museum, Velvet da Vinci, London, England
Focus on Enamels, Part II, Aaron Faber Gallery, NYC, NY
Brilliant! Masters of Fired Enamels, Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA
Asian Roots, Western Soil, Visual Poetry in Metal, NJAHS, San Francisco, CA
Chess: Velvet Da Vinci, San Francisco, CA, Vennel Gallery, Irvine, Scotland
Craft Showcase 3, Museum of Craft & Folk Art, San Francisco, CA
Departure, Michael Martin Galleries, San Francisco, CA
Higashi and Pfeifer, Velvet Da Vinci, San Francisco, CA
Full Circle, The Oakland Museum Collectors Gallery, Oakland, CA
NCEG International Enamel Exhibition, Velvet Da Vinci, San Francisco, CA
Higashi and GardVelvet Da Vinci, San Francisco, CA,
Swedish + USA Contemporary Jewelry and Metalwork; Galleri Mettallum. Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish + USA, Velvet Da Vinci, San Francisco, CA

Artist Statement
My work is inspired by a sense of beauty and the quiet reflection upon the irregular and imperfect hallowed qualities of nature.  The pieces are both contemporary and ancient in feel using enamel, rose cut stones, natural diamonds and precious metals to create rich color fields, unique textures and unexpected relationships. My enamel work is often a homage to nature and captures the beauty and tranquility of its simple moments. I am attracted by the depth, richness and organic qualities that enamel and stone together convey .

With my work, I seek to create a simple sense of beauty and leave a timeless imprint for my audience’s reflection.


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